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Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan in Atlanta

A fixed rate mortgage loan in Atlanta maintains an unchanging interest rate for the duration of the loan term. Fixed rate mortgages provide peace of mind and are ideal for those in Atlanta who do not want a constantly changing interest rate. Fixed month-to-month mortgage payments allow assured financial planning and predictable budgeting for borrowers.

In Atlanta, the median home value was $206,800 in March 2017, and is expected to rise an additional 4.1% during the next year.* Homebuyers can take advantage of fixed rate mortgages to purchase their dream home at a lower price and competitive interest rates before increases take place.


Why Choose a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Many borrowers in Atlanta can benefit from fixed rate mortgages. It may be the right choice if you:

Want a lower interest rate. Buyers who use a fixed rate mortgage are locked in to the rate at the time of the loan, and will not pay higher rates if the market changes in the future.

Need a stable monthly payment. Unlike adjustable rate mortgages, fixed rate loans are not impacted by fluctuating interest rates, allowing borrowers to have a consistent payment, regardless of outside factors.

Plan to keep your home for many years. Fixed rate mortgage payments are structured so that your first payment will primarily pay interest, while the final payment will pay primarily principal. In order to pay off more principal on the home, buyers should plan to live in the home for several years.

American Equity Mortgage in Atlanta serves surrounding Georgia metro areas that include, but are not limited to: Vinnings, Sandy Springs, Chamblee, North Atlanta, North Druid Hills, Decatur, Candler-McAfee, Panthersville, Hapeville, and East Point. Find out today if a Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan is right for you. Fill out an application or call to speak with an experienced Loan Originator today.


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